Detoxifying & Slimming Body Mask

Detoxifying & Slimming Body Mask


It is a new generation of hot removable body wraps. Its application is quick, easy and you do not need to shower after use. This alginate body wrap is used for slimming and draining care. Drains toxin, helps eliminate water retention in tissues and regulates lipolysis for better fat burning. Skin is toned, smoother and firmer. 

It is a body wrap with toning and purifying properties. Heat increases the benefits of the active ingredients and provides relaxation during treatment.

Laminarias lamiplast is a body alginate mask that is used for slimming treatments or for patients with circulatory problems.

The organic iodine and mineral salts released by the laminaria ensure the elimination of toxins and reinforces the effect of freshness that is felt throughout the treatment. The action of green tea, rich in theophylline, acts on lipolysis for a slimming action.

Laminaria: Contains an exceptional level of organic iodine capable of regulating lipolysis for better fat removal. The high concentration of mineral salts activates the microcirculation and favors the elimination of retained water in the tissues. The stem cells of the dermis regain optimal vitality. The skin becomes very soft, toned and with greater firmness.

Green tea: Green tea leaves help the skin to eliminate fatty bodies thanks to its lipolytic activity. In addition, green tea drains toxins thanks to theanine and flavonoids contained in its leaves. Decreases the effect of orange peel, returns smooth skin. Thanks to its strong concentration of anti-oxidant, green tea eliminates bacteria.

Romarin: Thanks to its regenerating and healing power, romarin essential oil restores shine to dry and fatigued skin, prevents skin aging.

Prele des champs: The silicon of the plant present in organic form (60 to 80%) gives it remineralizing and firming properties, giving the epidermis softness and elasticity, increasing cell permeability.

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