Ultrasonic Cavitation vs. CoolSculpting — What’s the Difference?

Ultrasonic Cavitation vs. CoolSculpting — What’s the Difference?

Sean May- June 2, 2022 

Ultrasonic cavitation and CoolSculpting are both types of nonsurgical fat reduction treatments. While ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to break down fat cells, CoolSculpting uses cooling panels to freeze and kill fat cells. Ultrasonic cavitation breaks down fat cells into fatty acids, whereas CoolSculpting kills the cells outright.

Neither treatment requires invasive surgery, so there’s no downtime needed for either. Recovery time is minimal, and the results of the treatments can take some weeks to show.

The length of sessions and number of treatments required for CoolSculpting and ultrasonic cavitation can both vary depending on age, weight and other factors. Results from the two treatments are also long-lasting if the individual maintains a healthy lifestyle. The main difference between the two fat reduction treatments is the cost. CoolSculpting can cost between $900 and $1,500 per area treatment, while ultrasonic cavitation costs around $250-$350 per treatment, making ultrasonic cavitation the more affordable option.

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